Smart Industry

Utilise the onboard sensor capabilities of both our IoT devices or your own for all types of monitoring and control applications – even where no current technology exists

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Our Smart Industry Solutions can dramatically improve production efficiency with real time reporting, real time alert notifications and early warnings as to when to perform preventative maintenance.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provides the foundations for Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory. It facilitates ‘smart machines’ and helps optimise the management of equipment and resources. Examples of our IoT Smart Industry Solutions include:
  • Production monitoring to identify process issues and blockages to improve efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Quality control to identify and fix faults in products and processes leading to improved product quality and customer satisfaction
  • Remote plant monitoring to reduce unnecessary engineer visits, reduce time-to-fix and ensure engineers are dispatched with the correct replacement parts
  • Reduction in waste product by providing immediate alerts if there are product deviations from expected parameters
  • Monitoring and reduction of energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions

Smart Industry Applications

Smart Manufacturing - SanCloudUsing IoT to make your manufacturing smart

Smart manufacturing solutions uncover the ‘hidden factory’ providing data that offers new insights to radically reduce operating and maintenance costs whilst raising product quality.

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IoT for Industrial Equipment

Using IoT to empower owners and operators of industrial equipment

Operators of mobile and static machinery can benefit from 24/7 remote access to machine performance, usage and location data. Alerts to impending service intervals and component failures ensures your field engineers only make visits when they are needed and they attend with the correct replacement parts. 

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Using IoT to drive vehicle and connected car innovations

Accelerating the development of connected car applications in the areas of infotainment, instrumentation and telematics.

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Rear of man's head sat in darkness viewing screen of IoT security content - SanCloudMitigating against the cyber security risks of the IoT technology stack

The use of IoT devices and technologies in smart industry applications has the potential to deliver wide-ranging benefits to many industries, but it’s important to mitigate against any security vulnerabilities.

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IoT Energy Industry - SanCloud

Using IoT in the energy sector to help reduce energy bills and outages

Our IoT devices can be used by energy providers in both smart metering and plant-based applications to ensure peak performance whilst reducing downtimes and maintenance costs

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IoT & STEM Education - SanCloudUsing IoT devices to bridge the skills gap in 21st-century jobs

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students should be equipped with the skills needed for twenty-first-century jobs in industry. Learning how to build, integrate and connect smart devices addresses a skills gap in many organisations that are seeking to leverage the Internet of Things.

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Key Features

Save time, money and improve your customer experience with our customisable IoT solutions that provide all the necessary resources to deliver a smart manufacturing operation.

Real Time Updates

Accurately manage and monitor all types of process plant and machinery with real-time updates

24/7 Alerts

Email or SMS alerts empower you to respond immediately to the latest situation from your site or mobile plant. All displayed on a live map with audio notifications

Powerful Reporting

Customisable historic reporting you can view online, email or export to Excel for further processsing

IoT Control Centre

See and control every aspect of your IoT solution through a single portal

Asset Groups

Define, group and filter your assets by division, country, depot, department or type

Assign Security Levels

Set access privileges for individual pieces of data and enable secure data sharing with your partners


Interpret complex live and historic data using highly customisable widgets and dashboards


Analytics module offers built-in instruments for timeseries prediction in a few clicks. All required work, like data filtering, normalisation and model training is performed in the background


Monitor and control exactly which actions each user of the system is allowed to perform with permission controlled access to ensure your business data remains secure