SanTrack IoT Web Platform

An IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualisation and device management

Whether you have 10, 10,000 or 1,000,000 assets, SanTrack allows you to manage your assets with precision. You will gain instant access to in-depth information with alerts and reporting that empowers you and your business to increase productivity, save time and reduce operating costs. 


IoT control centre

See and control every aspect of your IoT solution through a single portal​

Gain new insights

Collect and process data in real time, apply rules and act instantly

Open to integration

Utilise a wide range of sensors, devices, data sets and applications (including your own or those supplied by third parties) through a common platform


Add data sets and devices as and when you need to, knowing extra capacity from the cloud means performance will not be affected

Granular security

Set access privileges for individual pieces of data and enable secure data sharing with your partners

Exceptional coverage

Exceptional precision and coverage achieved through use of multiple communication technologies

Customer Interface

A highly configurable and dynamic customer interface

The portal allows you to configure customisable IoT dashboards. Each IoT dashboard may contain multiple dashboard widgets that enables you to visualise data from multiple IoT devices or groups of devices. This enables you to:

  • Visualise live and historic telematics data using configurable and highly customisable widgets and dashboards
  • Query latest timeseries data values or all data within the specified time interval
  • Filter and analyse data using flexible Rule Engine
  • Generate alarms based on specified event parameters
  • Generate reports and scheduled reports based on collected data
SanTrack IoT Portal Customer Interface
SanTrack IoT Device Management Module

Device Management

Device agnostic platform allowing use of both SanCloud’s own or third-party IoT devices

The SanTrack IoT platform empowers its users with the ability to register and manage their own devices. It also allows you to monitor client-side and provision server-side device attributes and provides an API for server-side applications to send remote procedure call (RPC) commands to devices and vice-versa. 

In summary, you can:

  • Add and delete devices
  • Manage devices and their credentials
  • Assign devices to your business divisions, distributors or customers

Data Visualisation

We help present large volumes of data in a visual context to provide you with valuable insights.

Our data visualisation modules are all about helping you make sense of what is going on in your processes or products. They allow companies to identify the exact source of all types of business problems, empowering new approaches that drive sales, cut costs and make smarter decisions. Our SanTrack platform offers many ways of graphically representing your data in order that you can:

  • Identify trends
  • Identify patterns
  • Identify inconsistencies
  • Identify anomalies
IoT Data Visualisation


Insights that enable smarter business decisions

The SanTrack IoT analytics module automatically detects relationships, patterns, outliers and anomalies in your datasets and generates predicted datasets too. Historical data and predicted data can be presented within the same model to aid interpretation. Our analytics module enables you to:

  • Perform predictive analysis including alerting upon impending adverse events before they occur
  • Define KPIs and hone better insights by using calculated fields allowing you to apply calculations to real-time or historical data without affecting its integrity. Units of measure conversions can also be performed on the fly and external data sets imported to work alongside your device data to provide the ‘full story’.
  • Enhanced asset utilisation data to monitor how much time your assets spend in their different states
  • Filter, group and aggregate data in different dimensions

Autonomous Decision Making

Instantly respond to production deviations or environmental changes

SanCloud products enable AI at the Edge where a high level of local processing, instant decisions and automated actions can be performed without reverting back to the cloud. 

Our cloud-based platform can also be used to easily construct data flows and actions when certain parameters are exceeded or subceeded. Example actions  include: starting/stopping machines and pumps, opening/closing valves, or adjusting process schedules or machine settings based on environmental changes outside of your system’s control (e.g. ambient temperature or climatic conditions).


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