IoT Security

SanCloud’s security-focussed thinking is engaged across the physical, network and application layers of the IoT and supports an industry-first silicon based security-as-a-service platform for devices

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Securing the Internet of Things

Protection that mitigates cyber security risk across the IoT stack

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things raises new and increasingly complex security challenges. Manufacturers of Industrial equipment, vehicles, consumer devices and service businesses are building ever-growing IoT ecosystems each populated with smart, connected devices transmitting and receiving data across the globe. Data flows to and from these devices across physical, network and application layers. During its transit, data may also travel across diverse networks and data centres. 

All these interconnecting links possess vulnerabilities to hack attacks, industrial espionage and data theft. SanCloud provides IoT products with embedded security as well as consultation and integration services at all layers and for all types of IoT applications. SanCloud partners with major electronic component manufacturers to provide comprehensive security for:

  • Security hardware integration support into IoT devices
  • Security software integration support into IoT devices

Featured IoT Security Case Study



Micron Technology Inc.


Electronics, Internet of Things


Micron® Authenta™ Key Management Service


Hardware-based security solution provides robust protection of device functionality at the silicon level. Micron® Authenta™ Key Management Service guards IoT devices through cloud-based activation of secure element-like functionality integrated into NOR and NAND flash.

We use SanCloud’s Beaglebone Enhanced as a trusted boot demo platform. SanCloud exceeded expectations in execution, delivery and craftsmanship. Working engineer to engineer makes the whole Contract Manufacturing process a real pleasure.

Alan Haffner
Senior Applications Engineer
Micron Technology Inc.