IoT for Industrial Equipment

SanCloud consults upon and supplies all the necessary hardware and software components of a comprehensive Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution
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How can you benefit from our industrial equipment IoT solutions?

SanCloud enables manufacturers and users of both fixed and mobile industrial equipment to monitor and track their assets to ensure their continuous operation at optimum performance.

SanCloud offers turnkey IoT solutions, embedded system services and industrial IoT devices to manufacturers and operators of all kinds of Industrial Equipment ranging from compressors, portable power units, CNC machines to 3D printers.

Manufacturers of industrial equipment are utilising the IoT to create new services that increase sales and customer loyalty. Whilst most manufacturers offer some form of after-sales care and maintenance service, their relationship with their customers often abruptly ceases after the equipment sale is made. IoT enabled equipment provides insight into where and how industrial equipment is being used. As part of an ongoing after sales service, delivering this data through an IoT portal like SanTrack facilitates a sustained customer relationship and generates a recurring revenue stream.

$ 10000 T

estimated contribution that the Industrial Internet of Things will add to the global economy by 2030

Source:  Accenture: Winning with the Industrial Internet of Things

$ T

investment in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) over the next 15 years

Source: General Electric

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$ 1 B

Forecast value of the Industrial Internet of Things market by 2021

Source: Industry ARC

Smart machine control & monitoring


We support our customers in developing smart machine control and monitoring solutions to improve operational efficiency, minimise downtime and optimise performance. All industrial plant and machinery is designed to operate within certain parameters based on measurements such as voltage, temperature, RPM, oil pressure, vibration and machine hours. Introducing IoT technologies within industrial equipment provides operators with live or historic condition reporting along with live alerts if equipment deviates from the parameters set. 

Pre-existing or new sensors can also be introduced to provide DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) or detect impending electrical or mechanical component failures. This data can also support planning, budgeting and scheduling maintenance repairs, replacements and spare parts inventory.

SanCloud is device agnostic, empowering customers to choose the best tools for the job. Connected devices can be proprietary or those designed and supplied by SanCloud. This principle also applies to the web platform in which customers may wish to develop their own or build upon SanCloud’s own SanTrack IoT web platform.

Featured Industrial IoT Case Study


Emerson Electrical Co.


Electrical Components, Energy, Power Distribution


IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM™) 


Condition based monitoring systems for electric power generation, distribution, and end use equipment.

We selected SanCloud because they had the most industrial-capable platform. After brief discussions about the intended customizations, we knew we had chosen well

Dr Jeffrey C. Andle
Synergistic Science, Consultant
Emerson Electric Co.