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Our extensive experience in developing embedded software and electronic devices enables us to provide
state-of-the-art services in support of your embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) projects . Our distinguishing feature is a full device production cycle service including software, hardware and product design.

Embedded Software Design - SanCloud

Embedded Software Development

We offer high quality software development services where no or limited in-house skills exist so your core team can stay focused on major projects

Electronics Hardware Design

Our electronics expertise allows us to balance production costs and development with performance and flexibility 

Embedded Systems Consultancy - SanCloud

Embedded Systems Consultancy

We specialise in helping organisations integrate sensor, monitoring and control systems with IoT application platforms and enterprise systems

SanCloud IoT Solution Support

Manage and monitor your assets, buildings and machinery with full IoT device to dashboard support from SanCloud.

Asset Tracking - SanCloud

Asset Tracking

We offer a single view online portal and mobile app to real-time track the location and status of your assets, vehicles and lone workers

Smart Buildings

Remotely control and report upon HVAC, lighting, security and fire systems in real-time using your own IT or SanCloud supplied online portal

Smart Industries - SanCloud

Smart Industry

Determine when to perform preventative machine maintenance, get critical alerts and control your machines via a central hub to optimise operational efficiency

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SanCloud design and manufacture the BeagleBone® Enhanced product range – small, high-power and versatile single board computers (SBC) used globally as IoT devices and embedded systems for a multitude of commercial, industrial, educational and hobbyist applications.

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Real-World IoT Case Studies

"We use SanCloud's Beaglebone Enhanced as a trusted boot demo platform. SanCloud exceeded expectations in execution, delivery and craftsmanship.  Working engineer to engineer makes the whole Contract Manufacturing process a real pleasure. I recommend SanCloud to other groups within Micron when they need a reference platform." Read more
Alan Haffner, Senior Applications Engineer
Micron Technology Inc

"The Beaglebone platform looked like a great fit and, after a review of potential sources, we selected SanCloud because they had the most industrial-capable platform..... we were able to significantly accelerate and de-risk a significant project.  SanCloud met our very high expectations and always went the extra mile." Read more
Dr. Jeffrey C. Andle, Synergistic Science, Consultant
Emerson Inc

"SanCloud’s BeagleBone Enhanced is at the core of our Venus GX. We’ve found SanCloud to be approachable and supportive throughout the Venus GX development process and consistent with their BeagleBone Enhanced product, found them to be a highly reliable provider and a pleasure to do business with.” Read more

Matthijs Vader, Managing Director
Victron Energy

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